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Our Search Engine Optimization is NOT For all businesses.

I’ve successfully helped business grow and hit ambitious targets which were once deemed impossible.  I have a team of talented individuals who aide me in ensuring that our efforts are well planned and success oriented.

I assess the challenges and work with our clients having undertaken the project based on certain guidelines and criteria. The market is crowded with agencies that have a “1 size fits all approach”. I have an approach where I select the clients that I work with based on a few factors and then dedicate my time and efforts to them without distraction so that I can build an effective plan.

I’d be delighted to work with clients who:

  1. Consider SEO to be a necessity

The SEO and marketing plans we devise are meant to ensure a high rate of return on your investment. This investment is one that promises growth in the future and plays a vital role in building a sales pipeline for the business. Based on our assurance of a high ranking on the search engine, this investment has sure shot returns and hence it shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury. It is the central piece of an puzzle that can deliver the company’s growth.

  1. Have a business that has grown past its initial development phase and intends to grow further

Anyone with a promise of a better tomorrow is a potential client. The size of the organization and the cash reserves do not matter. My services are handcrafted for companies that have built a firm base and for those who feel that they can realistically support and handle the next phase of progress. You are equipped to convert the leads efficiently and are capable of efficiently managing your customers.  I am going to invest my efforts to unearth the best strategy which propels your brand to a better place, one that gives you a dominant hold on the market. With a regular focus on strategy and real time monitoring of the performance, I can support you in hitting your dream targets.

  1. Have a product or business with a respectable product and image

We do not work with:

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Adult Themed Material
  • Illegal businesses

Our services are focused on building a brand image which supports our endeavor to rank high on the search engine.  The approach typically involves reaching out to several customers and building a place for your brand in their hearts and minds. I always adopt an ethical approach to business and expect my clients to have a similar code. A product with a strong differentiating factor in the market is crucial to build a success story and a clean image helps to beat the competition.

Based on these factors, I look forward to starting our journey together. Please spend a couple of minutes to fill the discovery form provided below. This is an easy task and it helps us to begin with our research. Based on the data you share, we analyse the digital marketing parameters, ranking, competition, market trends and then we start our conversation . I will also provide a quote for the services and can assure you that my efforts would only be directed towards finding the apt solution and not to sell you my entire bouquet of services.

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