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1. One-on-One Expert Consultation Policy

I make sure that the work which is undertaken is being carried out by me and my trusted employees and not by an intern, which is so often the case at big agencies.

2. Proven and Tested Customized SEO System

I dedicate my time and efforts to make sure that I am always devising the best SEO strategies. I have a proven SEO System that I have created which currently helps my clients rank consistently in the Top 3. My past experiences have helped me build and identify effective strategies .Many agencies do not offer clarity on the SEO strategy. I do and I work towards the best rankings for your website.

3. We Will Guarantee You Top 5 Rankings

My target is clear. I am here to get you to the top 5 positions and then build great momentum for the final push to the top. Since I have a proven approach to SEO, I am confident of hitting this target in a 6 month timeline. I can get into specifics prior to our agreement.

4. Higher Ranks = Higher Revenue (ROI)

I am here to rank you for keywords that drive revenue.These keywords matter the most to any business. My focus and approach is to increase traffic that directly contributes to better revenue.

5. Detailed Monthly Reports

I like to stay in touch with my clients regularly. As a business owner, you need to know how your SEO strategy is performing. I have built a system which involves regular interaction with the customer and this is how I keep them updated on all details of the project.

6. 30 Minutes FREE Phone Consultation (Optional)

Many clients like to stay updated by scheduling a 30 minute phone call where we discuss about the progress of work and also review the current situation. I am always curious to gather valuable inputs from my clients and this helps me with my SEO process.This is optional and the client can choose it if needed.

7. I stay updated and ahead of my competion

I keep track of the industry and the new trends. I can definitely serve as a source of information for you. I like to keep m clients informed of the latest developments that may have an impact on their business.

8. We are not overpriced like other "Big Agencies"

I do not overcharge my customers. I am not an agency that needs to bill you for unnecessary elements . I have a system that is lean and we are driven to make more of less.

9. We are transparent and do not overcharge

Irrespective of the industry or line of business that you operate in, our fees remain the same depending on the kind of services availed. Our service fee is based on the work we do, not on the revenue that you could generate.

Here are few of our client testimonials:

"Helping Small Businesses Dominate The First Page Of Google and in return increase traffic, sales, and Revenue"

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Toronto SEO Expert, Consultant, & Company

You were in need of an Toronto SEO company or an SEO expert in Toronto and you found this website. The keywords that this website is ranking for is by far the most competitive term across Canada. I’ve just shown my credentials there by successfully being found. My ability to do this underlines my credentials and I aim to deliver remarkable results for your website too. I am sure that with my insights, you can outrank other brands and that means you can attain a dominant share in the market. It becomes a lot more easier to be found and you now stand a chance to completely dismantle any competitive threats.

I can fulfill the role of a SEO expert in Toronto and can contribute to a beautiful growth story. I have done this for many other clients and my confidence is backed by the results which I have seen over the years.

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Here’s some more information that can help you safeguard your investment in SEO

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is extremely important to ensure that there is a significant and consistent volume of traffic coming to your website. Common knowledge would prove that sites ranked on the 1st page gather almost all the visitors.

To get on the top page, you need to make sure that your site is optimized for all the relevant keywords and this needs to be done after efficient research.

To attain higher rankings in search engines, your website needs to be well optimized. Well, optimized sites contribute to greater popularity and thereby enhances the volume of traffic.

However to get this exposure you need a true Toronto SEO expert who is aware of the entire process. On Top SEO can help you generate higher number of leads and revenue.

Advantages of SEO

There are numerous benefits of hiring a Toronto SEO expert who can optimize your website.

A real SEO expert will save you a lot of time and will stay updated on the latest developments on Google’s ranking policies. The algorithm undergoes changes regularly and all developments need to be tracked to stay ahead in the SEO game.

Our SEO model

Having worked as SEO consultants for several clients in Toronto, we have built a model based on our past experiences and studies.

I start with analysis on the SERP and identify the keywords that are most important to the content on your page. I am also careful to pay attention to the keywords that drive revenue. I analyze the competing brands and try to quickly identify the factors contributing to the gap.

I then set out to work on both on-page as well as off-page optimization. By employing good content and link building techniques , I propel your brand to the top.

SEO is value for money

SEO has a good ROI and an effective SEO plan is a long term business investment. Keeping in mind the other options that are at your disposal in Toronto , SEO is definitely an investment worth considering .

I price my SEO services reasonably and my intentions are never to overcharge my customers. My onus is to generate maximum ROI and that’s how my performance can be evaluated too.

Let’s begin

If  you are seeking a Toronto SEO expert, then you can contact me and we can begin our discussion. Here’s a form that’s going to help me get an understanding of your site and the industry that you operate in. I can then build a roadmap and we could connect to discuss on the same.

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